Letters at the Fort


We love getting pictures and descriptions from our “Wordy family” members.  Here is a picture and short note from one of our moms.  This note also shows how important grandparents are in the Wordy family.  Look closely, and in the picture, you will see that our little guy is perched on the fort steps, behind the mailbox, peering in, hoping to hear from “Bob.”

We invite you to share your experiences and pictures with us also.

From Carla:  “It was wonderful to see you at the convention, and thank you again for creating Wordy Worm. My son’s ability to read now is because you shared the Wordy Worm system.

When my mother saw his ability to read, she decided to encourage his desire to read. Together, they took a trip to Home Depot and bought a mailbox for the fort in her yard. The mailbox was installed and he now receives mail from “Bob”, a boy the same age as my son with similar interests (my mother writes the letters and puts them in the mailbox).

As a bonus, he now has an interest in learning to write so that he can respond to Bob’s letters.

Thank you again,

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