Phonemic Awareness Games


Clapping Games

Have children clap the number of syllables in names. Music is especially useful to clap syllables. Each beat is a syllable and can be easily identified and clapped out.

 Picture Cards

Lay pictures on a table and ask your child to find a picture that starts with the sound of /__/.

Play Take the Sound Away

Starting with a compound word, say the word. (example: baseball) Repeat the word, saying only the first half (base). Ask your child, “What part of the word did I take away?” Mix up the omitted syllable, sometimes leaving off the first syllable, and sometimes leaving off the last syllable.

  • football
  • railroad
  • upside
  • moonlight
  • today
  • toothpaste
  • hairbrush

Continue dropping a syllable from a multi-syllable word:

  • little
  • happy
  • sofa
  • hamburger
  • peanut
  • jelly

Continue the game until you are successfully dropping the beginning and ending sounds of one syllable words.

  • hat
  • rain
  • bay
  • hand
  • car

Have your child say a word and ask YOU to identify the missing syllable or sound in each of the activities described above.


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