Tips for a Summer Reading Log


Just picked up a copy of the June issue of Lee County Family News. Two of Wordy’s star readers from Bright Beginnings VPK and Stepping Stones programs are featured on page 8. Students kept a log of books they read with their parents and grandparents. In all the students and families logged in 6,776 books. Top readers (pictured in the magazine) were Michael Magas with 420 books and Emma Giordano with 401 books. Wordy sends out huge congratulations to both are fantastic top readers.

You can Google “reading logs for children” and print out a log. Personally, I like the idea of having the children design their own. You can help with straight lines, etc. but let your children create the graphics, theme, etc. or at least have considerable input.

One that I remember making (which is a pretty good trick since it was eons ago) was one that looks like those United Way or church expansion fund-raising thermometer-l00-alike things. We drew the the thermometer and put fireworks at the top. We decided on a goal and a reward for reaching that goal.

Note:  This is a truly rudimentary drawing. You really have to use your imagination to think of this having colors and appeal. But you get the idea.


Bring in different genres: fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, folktales, myths, historical.

If your children are younger, vary the “genre” by animals, rhyming, classical, humor, etc.

The important thing is to take advantage of summer days–and nights–to spend time and read together. Trips to the library are great fun.

Share your reading log ideas with us.


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