A Day with Letter P


While babysitting my granddaughter Carley, I decided to incorporate letter ‘p’ into our day of activities. I emphasized the sound of ’p’ in words throughout the day to increase her phonemic awareness of the sound.

We started the day singing the letter ‘p’ ditty while making chocolate chip pancakes.

Next we put on our detective hats, grabbed our magnifiers and went on a phonogram hunt to find letter ‘p’ and learn the letter’s name and sound.


For lunch, we had a picnic outside on a purple blanket. We enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich, apples,  potato chips and punch. We also talked about plastic and glass bowls while Carley ate her favorite–tomato soup.


After a little nap, we painted a pretty picture. Using a suggestion from the FUN-O-Guide, we talked about “pastel” colors.


Carley helped her daddy make a pepperoni pizza for dinner.

During bath time, she found letter ‘p’ on the shampoo bottle.

Before falling asleep, we read A Night Night Prayer. Carley noticed that the author’s name (Amy Parker) had a ‘p’– something that I had overlooked.


You will notice there is nothing in our day together that took extraordinary time or effort. These were all fun activities that we would do anyway: breakfast, playtime, dinner, bath time. I just looked at what we would be doing and thought, “How can I include phonogram ‘p’ into our day?”  The clue here is to be casual and fun. We’re not training for a marathon. I just went about my day with an appreciation for how today’s activities could help form the foundation of literacy for Carley.

So, pick a phonogram, and go out and have some fun!


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