Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Do you have a young child who is making faces and noises to the mirror before (maybe while) brushing his or her teeth before going to bed? If so, YEAH!!

They can see how the mouth changes in shape when pronouncing different sounds.  For instance, they can see the three shapes as they make the three sounds of ‘O.’ The first sound is like the one we make when we go to the doctor’s and s/he wants us to open our mouth WIDE and say “ah.”

The next sound, the long sound of ‘O’ is a nice round shape; but not as wide as the first. You can make a circle with your thumb and forefinger to emphasize the shape of the lips.

The last sound of ‘O,’ the /oō/ sound, is a small round shape like a kissing fish or like your mouth when whistling.

Using mirrors,  children can have fun watching the shapes of their mouths while practicing their sounds.

Remember, Wordy phonogram hunts and sound searches do not require setting aside “reading time.” Just incorporate them into your schedule. It’s fun to learn with Wordy Worm® even when children are brushing their teeth, watching Mom braid their hair, or getting ready to pucker up and give Dad a good night kiss.


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