Carley and Mino had fun recently learning the sounds of ow.

I bow low.  Down I go.                                                               o-w- makes two sounds:                                                             /ow/ and /ō/.

We sang Wordy’s little ditty as we practiced how to bow low while we were bowling.

I wanted to review the sounds she previously learned and sometimes it hard to engage the attention of a three year old long enough to do so.  I also want her time spent with me to be all about play while I sneak learning into our activities.   So, I decided to make it fun by attaching phonograms to the bowling pins and having her say the sound of the ones she knocked down.  She enjoyed it long enough to learn the sounds of ‘o-w’ and review the previous “vowel buddy” phonograms.

I don’t know who is having the most fun here.  Carley learning sounds or Mino teaching them.

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