Play Pitch, Catch or Fetch


Here is a fun way to teach phonogram tch.

  • Fetch a velcro catcher’s mitt and play a game of pitch, catch or fetch.
  • Write the phonogram ‘tch’ on the mitt so children see it.
  • Emphasize the “ch” sound in the words pitch, catch and fetch to increase phonemic awareness.  Let them hear it.
  • Have children say the sound as you ‘pitch’ the ball:  tch says____?
  • Use the word ‘fetch,’ rather than go-get-it, and expand vocabulary
  • Have older children write words with tch to help them see the pattern.*

* Here is a clue from Wordy’s Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues: In general, use tch after a short vowel  (batch, ditch, notch, etc.) Otherwise, use ch (porch, each, coach.) There are a few “misbehaving words” found in Wordy’s Sound Dictionary.

You can also try these family fun activities:

  • Make a ‘batch’ of cookies and teach a new vocabulary word.
  • Do stretching exercises.
  • Catch some fish.
  • Play hopscotch.
  • Sketch a picture of Wordy Worm.


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