Jane’s Room


Just got an email from a dear friend of mine with this picture of her granddaughter.

“This is a little reading room Mark created for Jane under the stairs of their new house. I thought YOU would appreciate it. It was his present to her for her second birthday. She sits in front of the Bose And listens to Katelyn read the phonograms CD ALL the time. The girl LOVES her books! Hope she is as passionate a reader as KO!!!”

The CD Jane is listening to is the one that accompanies the My First Phonogram Book. And the KO she refers to is my granddaughter, Katelyn O’Halloran, who, at eight, is the voice of the audio book.

I just can’t take my eyes off this picture. I absolutely love the coziness of this room: the comfy bean bag chair, the carpet, her name in bold letters…even a flashlight!!! If this picture is a magnet for me, I can only imagine the magnetism with which it draws Jane.

I have an idea of how much she must love it in there because my granddaughter, Cameron, 7, and I go into the area under my stairs to play board games or even “meditate” together. And we have to sit in a small central space among suitcases, storage files, and holiday decorations. But Cameron still asks to go there! (Guess I’ve let our secret hideaway out of the bag.)

Now take a look at what Jane has in her room.







Those are rain gutters secured to the wall where Jane can easily see the colorful covers of her many books.








In my book, Jane is one lucky little girl to have parents that surround her with such creative, yet simple, places to enJOY her path to literacy.


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