[share title=”Celebrate!” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”]On Tuesday, we gathered to celebrate “Nana’s” 98th birthday.  She fell a week and a half ago and is currently in rehab.  But that doesn’t stop her partying!

In addition to celebrating this remarkable woman and being grateful for the years I have been her daughter-in-law, it also reminded me to celebrate Casey’s participation.

Several days before the party, Casey took a bus after work to Beall’s Department Store.   He’s a savvy shopper.   He knows how much his grandmother loves jewelry and clothes so, there, on his own, he chose a beautiful scarf and a necklace.     He’s a very savvy shopper.  They were on sale!   Good thing, too, because Casey uses his own money to purchase gifts.


The outside of Casey’s card is emblazoned with the endearing term Nana, the name all 10 grandchildren call her.   His cards, regardless of the recipient, are always spot on.  Whenever we are gathered for a card-giving occasion—Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, etc.—we are always eager to hear Casey’s card read aloud.  The message, whether humorous or touching, always seems so perfect.

The ability to stand in front of a display of cards, find the right section for a particular occasion, read through many until you find one that perfectly conveys your feelings, and pay for it with money you earn yourself is something that, I’m sure, most of us take for granted.  I certainly do when I’m performing this ritual for myself.  But, each time Casey does it, I am reminded that, unless we had traveled a long and hard journey to his becoming an independent reader, this would not happen.  It reminds me, it was all worth it!  It reminds me to be grateful.  It reminds me to celebrate the little things.

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