Parents are Teachers


If you are reading this blog, we feel pretty sure you are interested in taking an active part in your child’s reading progress.   We respect parents as the first, foremost, and most influential teachers in their children’s lives.

Bust the myth that English is hard to learn and teach.   Our English Language is logical, predictable, and easy to decode.  You can give your children a joy-filled approach to discovering this.  Our mission is to help you do so.

We want to help you become confident in seizing instructional opportunities, recognizing teachable moments, and weaving reading instruction into your daily life in a fun-filled, loving manner that builds memories as well as literacy.   Some post will focus on specific topics found in the special needs or struggling readers categories.   We use examples and resources from the Orton-Gillingham based Wordy Worm® Reading program.  It can be customize  for your children, their needs, and their strengths.  The many fun-filled activities and resources posted in the blog are common to all areas of reading.

Help us grow our mission by sharing your successes and experiences with others by sending us your stories, pictures and comments.  Encourage your friends to participate in this reading community.


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