OO Activity and Halloween Fun!


Halloween  Phonograms ee and oo.

In a room with a wood door,
"Boo!" the ghost would go.
Double o has three sounds:
/oō/ /oŏ/ /ō/.

 Talk about the sounds casually when you encounter them in your daily activities. (Can you get the cat fOOOOOOd please? Would you put this bOOOOOk in your bedrOOOOOm? Could you close the car dOOOOOr please?)  Being able to hear different sounds within words is a crucial step toward successful reading success. Keep exposing your children to the differences. This, of course, means YOU have to hear the difference and be able to replicate them comfortably. By approaching the sound in this manner, you will give your children practice in hearing and attempting the sound; but you will not be putting pressure on them.

Click to download OO coloring page and other activities.

Double e says /ē/.         Double e says /ē/.       It's green I see.               It's green I see.       Double e says /ē/.

Remember, phonograms are all around.  Have fun on a phonogram hunt.

Happy Halloween!

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