Teaching Pre-schoolers Phonogram Sounds

Not surprisingly, my daughter-in-law, Mandy, teaches my four-year-old granddaughter phonograms.  She embraces “Wordy’s Way” by teaching Carley phonograms here and there throughout the day.  In fact, Mandy started by just singing the jingles to her when Carley was around 6 months old.  She did the gestures with the jingles, and Carley would copy her hand movements.  As time went on, Mandy added more to the mix, and Carley has continued to grow in her awareness and knowledge of phonograms. Playing with Carley at home or when she is on-the-go, Mandy takes clues from teachable moments around her.

Today I received this text message:

"Carley and I were playing. She was making food for me and she brought me zucchini and bananas. I asked her how to spell zucchini.

“z oo c ee n e”

is what she came up with. The best part was, she asked, “is it the k or the c /k/?”

Mandy said to me, "I am sure not all moms are asking their children (especially at 4) how to spell zucchini. But hey, why not?"

The brain grows most rapidly in the first five years of life. Take advantage of that, and learn how you can give your children a strong foundation in reading.

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