Spelling and Phonics Activities 

Father reading with children

Even though we are getting back into school mode, we still need to focus on FUN.  Specific phonics instruction is of utmost importance in learning to read and write.  As a parent, you are the first and most influential teacher in your child's life.  We are here to support you and to share some additional phonics activities that you can do at home.

In our previous blog post, "Summer FUN with Phonics," I explained steps to follow to introduce and teach the phonograms prior to fun activities that feel more like play.  Here is a brief summary of these steps:

1.  Identify the letters in the phonogram, and introduce the sound it makes.

2.  Teach the jingle and hand gestures using the ABCs of the Sounds We Read and the Fun-O-Guide.

3.  Read the jingles with your child.  Have your child find the phonogram in the jingle.

4.  Look at and discuss the illustration.

5.  Encourage your child to write the words and underline the phonogram.

6.  Introduce a FUN phonics activity incorporating that phonogram.

For a more detailed explanation, you can reference the steps from our previous blog, "Summer Fun with Phonics."  Now, here are some more suggested activities that support Raising Robust Readers' multi-sensory approach to learning to read.

Phonogram -ai

Phonics Matching Activity

Phonics & Phonogram 'ai' Beach Pail
  • Grab a pail that you have around the house or pick one up from your local dollar store. Paint -ai on the pail.
  • Fill the pail with objects that have -ai in the name. Here I used paint, tail on a pony, mail, chair and a snail shell.
  • Then write word cards to match each object. Underlining the phonogram helps train the brain to see that multi-letter phonograms make just one sound.
  • Keep objects and word cards inside the pail. Have your child practice reading the word cards and finding the object that matches.

Word Building Activity

I also love this word building travel kit idea from the iheartcraftythings.

This is a wonderful multi-sensory spelling activity in which she uses high frequency words.

Here I put my own twist on this activity:

Phonics metal box and magnetic letters to create phonogram 'ai' words

• I focused on the -ai phonogram.

• While I didn't have a metal lunch box, I did have a cookie tin with a lid.

• Word strips were cut out of card stock instead of using popsicle sticks.

• My magnetic letters represent vowels in red and consonants in blue. I found these Lakeshore Word Building Magnetic Letters on Amazon.com.

This was a great activity to have in the car during my recent 19-hour road trip!

Paper Plate Snail

Craft idea from AboutMom.com

Feeling crafty? This paper plate snail activity is adorable!  www.aboutamom.co/pape-plate-snail-craft-kid  It's on my list of things to do with my children at home and in my classroom this year!

-ai Freebie!

ai activity

Looking for another printable freebie to reinforce spelling -ai words?  In this activity children write the -ai phonogram to complete the word and match the word with the given picture.  Download our free worksheet (here).

I am confident that your children will be successful learning the -ai phonogram with the variety of multi-sensory activities provided here!  

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