Here is a fun spelling game from Michelle.

Raising Robust Readers Spelling Game

Hello again!  I’ve been up late taping words to dart gun targets!  I have a sneaking suspicion that this game will quickly become a favorite with my boys!  

Nerf Spelling Targets

For my 2 year old, I used several closed syllable 3 letter words, a few vowel buddy words (including one misspelled word), and a couple th phonograms. 

For my 8 year old, I used some tricky but easy words (the bigger words didn’t fit) that have a correct version and a misspelled version from which to choose.  

Raising Robust Readers spelling game

Tomorrow, I will set everything up and then I will tell my children which word they are looking for (beginning with my 2 year old of course so that he doesn’t get bored and lose interest).  I will finish this article and share photos after our game!  I can barely wait!

Nerf Spelling Game

 Nerf-ous Spellers is a success!  Not only is this spelling game the best yet (and extremely fun) but I found out that my 2 year old can read much better than I realized!  Of course my 8 year old can’t wait to play again!

 I bought a set of foam dart gun targets on ebay super cheap (not realizing how tiny they would be) but you could easily use Solo plastic disposable cups.  Solo cups make great and cheap targets.  If we had any Solo cups, I may have opted for those so as to fit larger words on them.

 I will include our super easy, confidence building word lists below but you can use any word lists you desire.  Note- Keep extra darts on standby for smaller targets!  Those little targets can be hard to hit!  

 2 year old list:

cat – can (identify cat)

dog – dig (identify dog)

bat – boat (identify boat)

toe – toa (identify correct spelling)

the – that (identify the)


8 year old list:

yaun – yawn (identify correct spelling)

trew – true (identify correct spelling)

dere – deer (identify correct spelling)

chief – cheef (identify correct spelling)

lim – limb (identify correct spelling)


This activity sent my spell check into a tailspin!  Stay tuned for more fun!

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