The Sound of Letter B


It is important to pronounce sounds correctly when singing and saying them to your children.  Listen to the correct  sound of /b/.  Be sure not to add the /uh/ at the end.

Family Fun Activities with Letter B

Play baseball.

Go for a bike ride.

Blow bubbles.

Walk backwards around the house.

Make blueberry smoothies in the blender

 Bats at the Beach

Phonogram Hunts

Grab your safari hats and magnifiers and join your children on phonogram hunts to search for letter b.  Here are suggestions for some phonogram hunts in the grocery store.

Grocery Store Phonogram Hunts for Letter B

  • Search for something we eat that starts with the /b/ sound.
  • Hunt for letter b  on signs and  labels (bananas, blueberries, butter, beans, broccoli, etc).
  • Select three objects and have children pick the one with the /b/ sound. 

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