Easter Bread Tastes Great


Easter Bread Tastes Great Recipe

Easter is a great time to introduce phonogram ‘ea’ and here is a fun recipe from tasteofhome.com to make Easter bread that tastes great.

Easter Bunny Bread Recipe photo by Taste of Home

EA Makes Three Sounds

ea makes three sounds

Even if you are still focusing on single sound consonants, now is a good time to introduce phonogram ‘ea’ using your The ABCs of The Sounds We Read and FUN-O-Guide. You will find it everywhere since this is the Easter season and spring break. Grab some jelly beans and go on phonogram hunts for ‘ea.’ They are all over: book titles, posters, street signs, candy bags.

Don’t Forget Fun Phonogram Hunts.

Phonograms are all around.

ea makes thee sounds

EA Word and Sound Sort Download

Ea word pictures

Use this Word Sort download to teach phonemic awareness to children who are not yet ready to read.  Help children who are reading to see and understand that ea makes three sounds.  Cut the words found in the download and mix them up.

  1. If your child can read, have your child read the word and sort it under the correct sound.
  2.  If your child cannot read, dictate the word and have your child point to the picture with the same sound they hear.  You may need to repeat the three ‘picture words’ each time you dictate a new word to your child to make it easier for your child to make the right connection.

Remember, if you are just starting out, it is not necessary for children who are not developmentally ready to read words, to do so. Hearing the jingle, doing the gesture, and Training the Brain to SEE phonograms in words are the important first steps.

Phonograms  ea and ear

Notice the phonogram ‘ea’ in the word ‘ear’ blends ‘ea’ (long e) with ‘r’ /r/ to make /ē/ /r/. It is not the bossy r phonogram ‘ear.’

ea       ea+r      ear

steak            bear              hear

We may think ‘ea’ is an advanced phonogram; but children will see it in words all around them, and it certainly opens up the ability to read a lot of words.  Though some of the words may be unfamiliar, they are still good to use for blending practice. That way you know your child is truly blending the sounds instead of guessing at the word.

There are over 4,000 words with phonogram ‘ea’ in them.  (See morewords.com for 4,000 ‘ea’ words.)  

Happy EAster!

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