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The Raising Robust Readers Course

Step-by-step, researched-based, multi-sensory, child-friendly instruction gently guides the learner through the logic and predictability of our English language.  Teaching resources and downloadable materials including songs, games and fun-filled activities are included in our online reading program.   English is logical, sensible, predictable and easy to decode.   Now you can teach it that way.

Online Course Materials

Online Course with 18 step-by-step modules

Our Online Reading Course is Easy for Parents to Teach to Children

Easy for parents to learn and teach

Raising Robust Readers Uses the Ortho - Gillingham Approach

Uses the research-based, multi-sensory
Orton-Gillingham approach


Each module includes:

  • Videos to guide you through the online course
  • Downloadable Worksheets  
  • Spelling Clues
  • Fun-filled activities
  • Optional Train the Brain eReaders

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Classroom Program

Up to 25 students

                 One-Year Membership

  •  18 step-by-step modules
  • Instruction in phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Systematic, explicit guidance in phonics and phonograms instruction
  • Easy-to-learn child-friendly terminology
  • Multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham-based teaching strategies
  • Songs, gestures and animated videos
  • All 72 phonograms
  • Six syllable patterns taught through animated videos
  • Word division guidelines
  • Reading and spelling clues
  • Strategies to decode and read "sight words"
  • Methods to improve fluency, vocabulary and critical thinking skills
  • Downloadable teaching materials,songs, games and classroom cards
  • "Train the Brain' decodable readers for each phonogram

One Year Site License


Annual Renewal $395

Raising Robust Readers includes videos and materials that train instructors to teach our multi-sensory reading program.  However, some schools and organizations prefer to have on-site professional development in addition to the online course teacher training.  Contact us for more information.

*For pricing on multiple classrooms, contact us for details.

Pre-K Classroom Program

Up to 25 students

                 One-Year Membership

  •  Alphabet + 7 Vowel Buddy Phonograms
  • Explicit instruction in phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Phonogram songs and gestures presented through video instruction. 
  • How to Teach Blending Video Instruction.
  • Downloadable teaching materials, songs, games and 33 classroom cards
  • Train the Brain readers for targeted phonograms

One Year Site License


Annual Renewal $195

Quote   Quote

"Your program has left no stone unturned! I am amazed how yours is the first program in all my years as a homeschooling parent and furthermore as an elementary teacher, that truly dispels the myth of understanding syllables and how to attack them in attempting to read and decode words. I think that there are so many students whose literacy issues could be healed if only they had your program."

Stacy C.
Elementary Teacher and Homeschooling Mom

Supplemental Products

 These at-your-fingertips hard copy books are convenient additions to our online course.

FUN-O-Guide, a child focused, family-centered teaching guide for readers

FUN-O Guide Activity Book

A child-focused, family-supported guide for teaching phonograms.


The on-the-go, wherever-you-go FUN-O-Guide Activity Book is an at-your-fingertips resource to teach the reading code.   While The ABCs of the Sounds We Read introduces the 72 phonograms, the FUN-O-Guide helps teach Wordy’s 72 phonograms through a wide variety of fun-filled activities.  The front of each of the 72 phonogram pages in this spiraled, glossy activity book presents the phonogram, the illustration and jingle.  The back of each page is loaded with teaching strategies and family fun activities to help you teach not only the 72 phonograms; but the various components of literacy.

Originally the flagship product in our program, the FUN-O-Guide is a popular product many teachers and parents choose for the added convenience and portability.   It is included in the Plus and Premium Programs.

The ABCs of the Sounds We Read

Going Beyond the Alphabet to Discover the Reading Code (with Audio CD)

Tap and hear the songs and sounds of the 72 phonograms. Download and read them on your tablet, or computer ePUB-reader.  Consonant, Vowel, Vowel Buddy, Bossy R, Consonant Partner and Vowel Partner Power Heroes will help your children learn their sounds on the go, wherever you go.  The colorful pictures and songs encourage much discussion to stimulate visual, language, comprehension and critical thinking skills even at very young ages.  Once you know the phonograms–a simple extension of the 26 letters of the alphabet–you can say them, show them, and teach them. 

Available as part of the Classroom Program

Phonogram Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues

The Building Blocks of English Words


Good readers aren't always good spellers  

How can I look up a word in a dictionary if I don't know how to spell it?  Try looking it up by sounds!  Discover spelling patterns and “clues to choose” how to spell words with the Phonogram Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues.

Refer to the Phonogram Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues as you introduce sounds for blending and spelling.   Check each phonogram to discover if there are “Clues to Choose” which sounds to use or letter patterns associated with it.

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