Raising Robust Readers Online Course and Supplemental Products

Raising Robust Readers Online Course

Raising Robust Readers Flagship Program

Starting at $259

Everything you need to teach the English reading code.  This online course includes 18 step-by-step modules designed to teach parents the reading code:  44 sounds and the symbols that represent them, 6 syllable patterns and 29 clues to cut the confusion.  Also includes:

  • Videos to guide you through the course
  • Spelling Clues
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Fun-filled activities
  • Optional "Train the Brain" eReaders

Supplemental Products

 These at-your-fingertips hard copy books are convenient additions to our online course.

FUN-O-Guide, a child focused, family-centered teaching guide for readers

FUN-O Guide Activity Book

A child-focused, family-centered guide for teaching phonograms.


The on-the-go, wherever-you-go FUN-O-Guide Activity Book is an at-your-fingertips resource to teach the reading code.  While The ABCs of the Sounds We Read introduces the 72 phonograms, the FUN-O-Guide helps parents teach Wordy’s 72 phonograms through a wide variety of fun-filled activities.  The front of each of the 72 phonogram pages in this spiraled, glossy activity book presents the phonogram, the illustration, and jingle.  The back of each page is loaded with teaching strategies and family fun activities to help you teach not only the 72 phonograms; but the various components of literacy.

Originally the flagship product in our program, the FUN-O-Guide is a popular product many parents and teachers choose for the added convenience and portability.  It is included in the Plus and Premium Programs.

ABCs of the Sounds We Read - Going Beyond The Alphabet to Discover The Reading Code

Look inside the book (video)

The ABCs of the Sounds We Read

Going Beyond the Alphabet to Discover the Reading Code (with Audio CD)


Winner of a 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Literacy!  This is not just another children’s book.  It is the the ONLY book of its kind.  We take you beyond the ABCs to the world of phonograms, the sounds that make up all the words we read.  Learn the proper pronunciation of each phonogram with the read-along audio CD.  The colorful, action-packed pictures encourage much discussion to stimulate visual, language, comprehension and critical thinking skills even at very young ages.  Once you know the phonograms–a simple extension of the 26 letters of the alphabet–you can say them, show them, and teach them.

Sound Dictionary

Look inside the book (video)

Phonogram Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues

The Building Blocks for English Words


Good readers aren't always good spellers  

How can I look up a word in a dictionary if I don't know how to spell it?  Try looking it up by sounds! Discover spelling patterns and “clues to choose” how to spell words with Wordy's Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues.

Refer to Wordy’s Phonogram Sound Dictionary and Spelling Clues as you introduce sounds for blending and spelling.   Check each phonogram to discover if there are “Clues to Choose” which sounds to use or letter patterns associated with it.

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