Dyslexia and Nursery Rhymes

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Dyslexia can be overcome with nursery rhymes and music, says Cambridge professor

By Shara Knapton, Science Editor, The Telegraph

According to  Usha Goswami, a leading neuroscientist at Cambridge, children can overcome dyslexia by learning nursery rhymes, singing and dancing.

“All kinds of rhythmic experiences can be helpful, nursery rhymes, dancing and music as long as the beat is matched to language.”  She even suggests remediation begins before children start school. 

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Super Wordy can come to the rescue.  All of his phonograms are taught to nursery rhyme tunes.  For example, sing the sounds of letter "i" to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star;"

You can read Prof Goswami's Complete Report here

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