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I am amazed how yours is the first program in all my years as a homeschooling parent and furthermore as an elementary teacher, that truly dispels the myth of understanding syllables and how to attack them in attempting to read and decode words.  I think that there are so many students whose literacy issues could be healed if only they had your program.  

And let me also add that the way your program has been developed has left no stone un-turned.  The minute I think of something that I think has been missed, I am quickly corrected by seeing the unique way in which you have considerered all the nuances of the English language!  

Children need not toil and suffer through learning to read, thanks to your hard work.

Last, the materials that come in your program are comprehensive to say the least. They are complete, and include all the ways to teach reinforce, assess and reward the learner. It makes it so that the only thing I need to do is learn it myself so I can scaffold my son as he grows and learns the concepts.  Having an auditory learner with learning delays certainly changes my approach for how we accomplish the goal of literacy.  The jingles are clever, and even I am able to retain them!  I look forward to continuing on in this journey, and am grateful for your work in developing Wordy Worm.  I cannot thank you enough.

Stacy C.
Homeschool Mom and Elementary Teacher

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"I wish you could see the tears of joy in my eyes as I share with you how successful my boys were with Wordy Worm this school year.   We LOVE Wordy Worm.  Fore is really reading…for real reading, no more "memorized" fake reading.  Wordy Worm has helped me ignite a passion for reading in my children.  I love that he loves to read and that I was the one that instilled that in him. Thank you!

Jennifer H.
Cincinnati, Oh

“The program you built is top notch indeed.  But your spirit, your dedication and unique approach to connecting with children is beyond priceless. Just last night, I came home from work to find my daughter with a white board teaching “her class” about Magic E, long and short vowels and the change in pronunciation.  She was even using the line above the vowels to show the difference.  She is thriving and advancing under Wordy Worm. I am blown away by her hard work and how far she’s come. Thank you! 


II've been working my way through the online instruction and I'm getting to the point where I'm almost ready to start the program with our kids! I've dabbled a little bit by reviewing some of the single sound phonograms that my son learned in kindergarten. Then the other night I introduced the "ai" phonogram just to give him an idea of how to identify a 2-letter phonogram in words, and how to read the words. I have never seen my son SO excited about reading!! I gave him a book about trains so he could find the ai phonogram lots of times... He didn't want to quit! He was so incredibly excited to realize that he knew how to decode words!


I am writing to thank you and let you know how awesome your program is!   The videos really helped me a lot!!!  It is much easier for me to explain to Olivia since I fully understand it myself.  I started working with Olivia when she was 4 ½, and it took her just 5 months to learn how to read.  I hope other Mommies will enjoy Wordy Worm and have fun teaching like I do!"

Emily T.
Fort Lee, N.J

“My children love Wordy! They fight over the book in the car. They beg to listen to the CD in the car. My daughter loves all things wordy!

I taught my daughter augh today, and my 3 year old said, ‘Hey! that is like the giant phonogram.’ What fun it is to know that even he is learning them.

My daughter is almost 7 and is a very reluctant reader, she is excited to learn words like caught aren’t really that difficult to read. Wordy is a blessing for us..”

Shelly S.
Homeschool Mom, Orlando Florida

"Just have to give a little shout out. After walking Chase is into school kicking and screaming for the entire last month of kindergarten, we were seriously considering holding him back. Then I saw something about this program on his school's fb page and thought I would give it a try. I started doing the little songs with him about midway through the summer and incorporated fun activities. I can't believe how much confidence he has gained from something so simple!  Wordy Worm has worked wonders for us!"

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I couldn't be more thankful for the two of you ladies for creating this amazing program and changing our daughter's future! I love that 'Books" is #2 on her Christmas list.


“I can read any word, can’t I, Omi. (after sounding out either and grief)
Summer1st Grade
I love to read. You made it easy because you taught me the phonograms and how to cut the cake.”
ArnieOrlando, Fl.

Our son was recently tested at school for potential placement in advanced courses. Of particular interest to you is how well he performed in reading assessment. Reagan is reading at an 8th grade level. Reagan is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. You should take pride in knowing that the foundation for his success in reading and comprehension began with Wordy Worm.

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