CH Chocolate Chiffon Christmas Cake

By Stephanie Kiesling | BAKE YOUR WAY TO READING

CHocolate  CHristmas CHiffon Cake CH makes three sounds:  /ch/.  /k/.  /sh/If you’re looking for a super easy, super cute idea to teach phonogram CH, then you should make CHocolate CHristmas Chiffon cake  from the recipe below.Vocabulary chif·fon    /SHiˈfän/noun1.  a light, sheer fabric typically made of silk or nylon.  “a chiffon blouse”2.  (of a cake or dessert) made with beaten egg whites […]

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Phonogram IGH


The Three Letter I.Phonogram igh is a three letter i.  Listen to Wordy sing the igh song.  Add the gesture from the description below to bring the phonogram to life and make it fun to sing and act out. Find ‘igh’ on Syllable StreetClick on the picture below to download a high-resolution image of ‘igh’ […]

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The Sound of Letter F

By Marilee Senior | Uncategorized

Click “play” to hear Wordy sing the sound of F. Family Fun Activities with Letter FDecorate a fan and fan your hot face.Go fishing.Finger paint.Make fingerprint frog art.Make footprints in the sand.Read Four Famished Foxes and Pamela Duncan EdwardsLink to book.Phonogram HuntsHunt for letter F in newspaper flyers and circle them.

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The Sound of Letter B


It is important to pronounce sounds correctly when singing and saying them to your children.  Listen to the correct  sound of /b/.  Be sure not to add the /uh/ at the end. Family Fun Activities with Letter BPlay baseball.Go for a bike ride.Blow bubbles.Walk backwards around the house.Make blueberry smoothies in the blenderLink to book.Read… Bats […]

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