There is a better way to learn how to read with this phonics reading program. Let Wordy Worm show you how!

For Down Syndrome, Dyslexia and Darn Near Everyone*
*(Including Gifted Early Readers)

Welcome to Raising Robust Readers!

Raising Robust Readers is a phonics-based reading program specially designed for children with Down syndrome, dyslexia and early readers.  This researched-based program aligns with the best practices of the National Reading Panel, the National Right to Read Foundation, the International Dyslexia Association and the National Center for Learning Disabilities.   It’s explicit, systematic instruction  is taught through child-centered play and family-focused activities using all components of literacy.

Our carefully-crafted sequence of instruction and early focus on the significance of the six syllable types are unique among phonics reading programs.

With these proven methods, early strong readers can accelerate their progress while struggling readers can go beyond memorizing and guessing into independent reading.   It truly fits all ages at all stages.

Learn how to decode the english language with this Phonics Reading Program

There are plenty of phonics reading programs.   What differentiates the Raising Robust Readers Program? 

  • It's easy to learn, and fun to teach. 
  • We teach parents, teachers and tutors the reading code:  44 sounds and the 72 symbols that represent them; 6 syllable patterns; and 29 clues to cut through the confusion.
  • Parents and professionals learn the program the way they will teach the program, using the same songs, gestures and animated videos that engage children in the learning process.
  • Children are not tethered to a desk nor worksheets.   Instruction, planned and spontaneous, takes place where real- life reading happens: on the go, wherever you go!
Learn how to read through play with this phonics reading program!

Play your way to
reading success

Our Online Phonics Reading Program Course is Easy for Parents to Teach to Children

Easy for parents to
learn and teach

Raising Robust Readers Uses the Ortho - Gillingham Approach with our Phonics Reading Program

Research-based, Orton-Gillingham methods

Learn On The Go Wherever You Go with this Phonics Reading Program

Learn on the go, 
wherever you go

Who Benefits From Our Course?

Children--and adults--may be helped by the Raising Robust Readers phonics reading program.   If you have an early reader, a loved one with dyslexia,  Down syndrome, school-age children, or would like to know how to use our program in the classroom, we have complied specific information for you.   Please follow the links below for information on how the program can help you!  

Early Readers

Preschoolers and early readers can be taught to read in a fun and engaging way.

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Learning to read doesn't have to be a struggle.  Find out how our program helps struggling readers.

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Down Syndrome Reading Program

Our reading program  has been proven to help children and adults with Down syndrome.

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Reading Program At Home

Our program can help many school-age children learn or improve their reading skills.

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Reading program in the classroom

Our program is available for school and classroom use.  Read about what sets us apart.

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Quote   Quote

"Your phonics reading program has left no stone unturned! I am amazed how yours is the first program in all my years as a homeschooling parent and furthermore as an elementary teacher, that truly dispels the myth of understanding syllables and how to attack them in attempting to read and decode words.  I think that there are so many students whose literacy issues could be healed if only they had your program. "

Stacy C.
Elementary Teacher and Homeschooling Mom

Quote   Quote

"I wish you could see the tears of joy in my eyes as I share with you how successful my boys were with Wordy Worm this school year.  Wordy Worm has helped me ignite a passion for reading in my children. They take books with them everywhere they go.  It is such a joy to know I was the one who taught him to read!! I am so thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross last year at the Cincinnati convention, it was truly a blessing."

Jennifer H.
Mother of a struggling reader.

Awards and Accolades

Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Authors Judy O’Halloran and Marilee Senior received a 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for literacy for “The ABCs of the Sounds We Read: Going Beyond the Alphabet to Discover the Reading Code.”

GiGi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers

Raising Robust Readers has been chosen by GiGi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers to be used internationally with their literacy programs.  Click here to watch an overview of  GiGi's Playhouse/Raising Robust Readers phonics program.  See it in action!

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