FUN-O-Guide Teaching Guide and Activity Book

It's like a four-year degree packed in the back of each page.

The on the go, wherever you go FUN-O-Guide activity book is an at-your-teach fingertips resource to teach the reading code. While The ABCs of the Sounds We Read introduces the 72 phonograms, the FUN-O-Guide helps parents teach Wordy’s 72 phonograms through a wide variety of fun-filled activities. The front of each of the 72 phonogram pages in this spiraled, glossy activity book presents the phonogram, the illustration, and jingle. The back of each page is loaded with teaching strategies and family fun activities to help you teach not only the 72 phonograms but the various components of literacy.

Originally the flagship product in our program, the FUN-O-Guide is a popular product many parents and teachers choose for the added convenience and portability. It is included in the Bookworm Reading Program.

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