Double O: The Halloween Phonogram


[share title=”Double O: The Halloween Phonogram” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”]A while back, we posted a YouTube video that explains the three sounds of the phonogram, “Double O.”  I mention it now because it is full of Halloween references and objects.

Teaching all three sounds of the’ double o’ phonogram may not currently be developmentally appropriate for your little one with Down syndrome.   But you can begin by teaching just the visual skill of  SEEING oo in words.   Brothers and sisters may well be ready for learning all three sounds.  If so, go for it!

Training the brain to see multi-letter phonograms such as ‘oo’ is very important in learning to sound out words by sounds not by letters.  Knowing our children have strong
visual skills, we can work with this strength and help them see ‘double o’ words all around them this holiday.  It’s an important first step


ooo Phonogram
First, show them a card with just the phonogram ‘oo’ on it.  Tell them that this is called ‘double o.’

Show them a card with the single letter phonogram ‘o’ on it.  Help them see the difference.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 6.09.39 PMYou might explain the word “double” (two) by comparing it to a double scoop of ice cream.  Doing so while eating a double scoop of ice cream makes it even more memorable!  Then, wherever you go, especially in stores with all their Halloween signs, you can: draw your children’s attention to Double O Words; have your children point to the oo in words; play “I Spy Double O” games.   And you can say the sound.   (Note:  if your children point out a word with two single o’s in it, such as color,  explain that double o must have two O’s standing next to each other.  If there is just one at a time, it is a ‘single o.’)

You can also write Double O words on laminated or dry erase surfaces and have your children underline the OO in the words.  Another way to train the brain to “see sounds.”

Individualizing and beginning with small steps is a sure way to build success.  And that double scoop of ice cream, or fat-free yogurt, may help you along!

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