The Three Letter I.

Phonogram igh is a three letter i.  Listen to Wordy sing the igh song.  Add the gesture from the description below to bring the phonogram to life and make it fun to sing and act out.

Find ‘igh' on Syllable Street

Click on the picture below to download a high-resolution image of ‘igh' on Syllable Street.  Print out the picture and have children circle ‘igh' in all the words they see.

The Three Letter i

"I See igh" Train the Brain Reader

 Download your copy of I See igh.  Create a book by using your printer settings or transfer the PDF file to your tablet to read.

This reader is a great confidence builder for beginning readers.  Once children know the sound of ‘igh,' these three sound words are no more difficult to sound out than cat or dog. 

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