Syllable Clap Card Game

Syllable Cards

(This game addresses syllables in a tangible way.  It also addresses counting, number recognition, and motor skills.  I also recommend this activity for sensory input as your child can clap as loud or hard as he/she may need.)

How to Play

Today we played with syllables!  I used this activity for my 3 year old with a little help from big brother.   (Big brother modeled the first couple of cards.  Those cards,, not pictured here, were television and dandelion).


We practiced this to help my little one see and feel the syllables because syllables can be an abstract concept for little ones.   This was a short,  fun,  multi sensory syllable clapping game incorporating motor skills with the small clothespins as well as counting and number recognition.

We said and clapped out each word.  My youngest counted his claps, pinched the mini clothespin open,  and clipped it on the correct number of syllables.  I feel like this activity helps lay the foundation for "cutting the cake” from the Raising Robust Readers course. 

Side note:  We addressed an interesting issue in this game.  My 3 year old attempted to add syllables by adding an "s" to the end of words.  This opened the discussion that "s" doesn't add syllables to words even though it adds quantity by giving us more than one item.

Thanks to our guest blogger and homeschool mom, Michelle, for this fun game.  Be sure to check out her syllable blog and phonogram fun game for older learners, Syllable Ninja.

Syllable Division Ninja Style Raising Robust Readers
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