​War of the Worlds or Words?

Arnie, from Patriot Press, who prints our Wordy Worm® books, used Wordy Worm to teach his son to read.  He also read to him every night; good stories and literature that perhaps took a week to get through.  So, he not only taught him the code, but he taught him the love of literature as well.

His son has just started 4th grade, and is an avid reader, currently reading the full version of War of the Worlds.   Recently, he had to discipline his son and he took away his book.  Imagine that in this day and age: not the TV, not a video game, but his book. His son insisted he needed to read before bed and he began to protest.  His dad said, “There is a Bible by your bed stand. You can read the that”

Thank you Arnie and Patriot Press® for printing The ABC's of the Sounds We Read book and our fun filled  FUN-O-GUIDE.




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