More News and Views on Toddler Screen Time


imagesAs co-developer of a reading program designed to be taught through the interaction and loving relationship of parent (or other caring adult) and child, I am not particularly fond of seeing young children with their noses to a ‘device’ haphazardly tapping away at a screen until some kind of action occurs.  However,

I believe it’s important to stay abreast of research on ‘screen time’ and children.  So here are a couple of interesting reads:

This link is to an article, “Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight” on the website for ZERO TO THREE, a national, nonprofit organization that provides parents, professionals and policymakers the knowledge and know-how to nurture early development.

Here’s how it starts off: “The research is clear: Children learn better and more efficiently from play and interaction in the “real,” three-dimensional (3-D) world with parents, caregivers, and peers.  The fact is, however, that young children now grow up in a world of technology—screens are everywhere.”
And, from a Temple University article that begins:
“It’s good news for grandparents across the country and the world: Young children readily learn new words in conversations through live video chat technology, such as Skype or Facetime.”

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